29 марта 2023 года

Новый раунд: $36.44M
“upGrad Europe offers the industry's best online degree courses & certifications in Data Science, Digital Marketing & more in Singapore. Get degrees and certificate programs from the world's top universities.”
Primevest Capital Partners
Новый раунд: $31.30M
“Our investment philosophy and vision are energised by the current trend of urbanisation and the ability to fulfil the modern needs of metropolitan communities, while enhancing the quality and sustainability of people’s lives. From our offices in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Berlin, a team of 70 professionals manage €3 billion of assets across sector-focused funds and”
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Новый раунд: $30M
“Hygraph is the next generation GraphQL-Native Federated Content Platform. Integrate all your services with our unique content federation approach and distribute content from anywhere - to anywhere.”
Новый раунд: $25M
“Centurion Invest”
Новый раунд: $21.69M
“Demandez votre prime énergie Effy pour financer vos travaux de rénovation énergétique. Effy vous accompagne dans l’isolation de votre habitat et dans l’obtention des aides financières liées à votre projet. 93% de nos clients sont satisfaits. Réalisez des ”
Новый раунд: $20M
“Inato matches the right sites to the right clinical research study, globally.”
Новый раунд: $18.30M
“Access the best payments infrastructure around the world, all through a single platform.”
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