30 марта 2023 года

Новый раунд: $2.50M
“Intelligent Fresh Food Ordering ”
Watershed Informatics
Новый раунд: $1.80M
“Empowering clients to design, execute, and iterate sequencing analyses using our intuitive, low-code platform. Watershed is where data becomes insight.”
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Little Wallet
Новый раунд: $1.60M
“Little Wallet is the ideal financial app for kids, teens, and families. We provide reafures such as giving an allowance, chores with rewards, transferring money, and saving goals! We help parents to teach their kids about financial literacy. Sign up now!”
Новый раунд: $1.50M
“Better-for-you, tastier versions of classic salty snacks: mini popcorn, cheese balls with real cheese & non-GMO corn chips. Try our sustainable snacks!”
Новый раунд: $1.10M
“Tandem Connect”
Groupe Diakhate
Новый раунд: $487.80K
“Groupe Diakhate | ”
Permia Sensing
Новый раунд: $307.95K
“Permia Sensing offers a testing service to detect Red Palm Weevil larvae growing in coconut palm trees within the first 2-weeks of infestation.”
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