23 марта 2023 года

Новый раунд: $4.70M
“Mystifly – Anywhere to Anywhere Airline Conslidators”
Новый раунд: $4.39M
“Music fitness training is a professional training fitness App, set of intelligent fitness, online courses, fitness training program, fitness food, fitness contact list and other functions in one body, a million fitness training options! Fitness Training Through Training Fitness App for students to do intelligent body testing, according to the student body testing report to establish a comprehensive training plan, to help students complete the fitness plan!”
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Новый раунд: $4M
“Access affordable end-to-end mental healthcare services on our mental health app - Thoughtful Chat. Instant access to mental health therapy, Psychologists for yourself and your organization.”
Новый раунд: $4M
“Winning in these markets requires hyper-local execution but you lack the insights to guide your efforts. Rwazi leverages thousands of local consumers to tell you in real time what they buy, why they buy, and where they buy. Execute with confidence to improve performance in existing markets and launch successfully in new ones.”
Новый раунд: $4M
“We provide the highest standard of care, whether in our state of the art clinic, through virtual care, or in the comfort of your own home.”
Новый раунд: $4M
“Take control of your finances, all in one place. Say goodbye to paperwork, spreadsheets, and hours of manual data entry.”
Новый раунд: $3.27M
“HeavyFinance is a marketplace for agricultural loans. It connects small and medium farmers with a global investor community.”
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