27 марта 2023 года

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“Ranking up has never been easier. With GameBoost's cheap LoL and Valorant Elo Boosting Services.”
Новый раунд: $2.04M
“Linq App”
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Новый раунд: $2M
“Neptyne is making spreadsheets programmable”
Cora Therapeutics
Новый раунд: $1.80M
“Cora Therapeutics is a company dedicated to delivering and supporting innovative research-based wellness solutions for whole body health, led by Dr Kieran Murphy. About Us Dr. Murphy has lost colleagues to diseases that are linked to long-term occupational radiation exposure and, as a practicing physician himself, long recognized the need for better ways to counter…”
Venture Title & Escrow
Новый раунд: $1.58M
“Venture Title & Escrow”
Planckton Data
Новый раунд: $1.51M
“Home - Planckton Data”
Новый раунд: $1.40M
“Get paid to recruit for the best tech startups. Recruiting has never been more accessible.”
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