22 ноября 2023 года

Новый раунд: $11.92M
“Crezco provides international, instant and frictionless payments for businesses. APIs, integrations, fraud protection, compliance, we've got you covered!”
Ed Partners
Новый раунд: $10M
“Get School Development Loan up to Ksh 20 million in 3 days, School Transportation Loan, School Techy Loan and School Upgrade Loans Available!”
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Новый раунд: $10M
Новый раунд: $10M
“UK’s new parcel shipping solution built purposefully for online delivery. Transform your next-day delivery experience with our zero-waste supply chain.”
Emko Capital
Новый раунд: $9.19M
“Emko Capital is an industrial / aerospace focused small, family-run private equity firm. We are operators, dedicated to growing your business and continuing your legacy.”
Новый раунд: $8.72M
“Onconvita: Unleashing the patient’s own power to fight cancer with a safe and effective vaccine”
Новый раунд: $7M
“Welcome to Raha - Download Now!”
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