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18 июня 2024 года

Pok Pok
Новый раунд: $6M
“Pok Pok is a low-stimulation app for kids 2-7 filled with Montessori-inspired digital toys that offer a calmer way to learn through screen time play.”
Ability biologics
Новый раунд: $6M
“Ability develops innovative, targeted, immune modulating biotherapeutics to address unmet medical needs in patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases.”
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JOGO Health
Новый раунд: $5.50M
“JOGO Health uses wearable sensors and AI to treat chronic pain, migraine, post-stroke, and pelvic floor disorders using the foundational science of EMG-Biofeedback.”
Alyve Health
Новый раунд: $5.39M
“Alyve Health provides complete healthcare solutions tailored to your unique needs. Explore our services for businesses, groups, and more.”
Новый раунд: $5M
“Delivering the Future of RNA Medicine Today. . Ethris has created a new path from genes to therapeutic proteins using its proprietary, non-immunogenic messenger RNA (SNIM mRNA) and lipidoid nanoparticle (SNaP LNP) technology platforms to discover, design and develop innovative therapies and vaccines. As an mRNA pioneer for more than a decade, our technologies enable the delivery of highly potent m”
Новый раунд: $4.80M
“Where AIs and humans coexist”
Новый раунд: $4.18M
“Save resources otherwise spent managing orders and suppliers via emails, calls, and unorganized data.”
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