6 июня 2023 года

Новый раунд: $6.25M
“Nori Carbon Removal | Meet your climate goals and help reverse climate change with verified carbon removal. Our marketplace maximizes transparency & impact by…”
Twig Fertility
Новый раунд: $5.96M
“Every nest starts with a twig. We are the next generation of fertility care.”
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Evum Motors
Новый раунд: $5.34M
“Electric commercial vehicle aCar from EVUM Motors. Electrify your everyday life. With the intelligent ecosystem of EVUM Motors.”
Новый раунд: $5M
“Config brings together engineering, operations, and manufacturing to make shipping high-quality hardware easier at scale.”
LQT Therapeutics
Новый раунд: $5M
“Thryv Therapeutics (previously LQT Therapeutics), has been pioneering a precision medicine approach to treat Long QT Syndrome via SGK1 inhibition since 2019, and our portfolio has evolved to include the treatment of resistant and rare cancers.”
Trip Affiliates Network
Новый раунд: $4.50M
“Transforming B2B Distribution & Partnerships”
Новый раунд: $4.27M
“Provide a financial service, drive your GMV, and add a new revenue stream without the hassle of being a financial servicer provider.”
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