28 марта 2023 года

Sonoma BioTherapeutics
Новый раунд: $30M
“Developing living cell therapies designed to restore balance to the immune system and ultimately cure autoimmune and inflammatory disease.”
Новый раунд: $30M
“New Generation Supply Chain And Product Development Platform For Fashion Industry. No matter where you are! We provide one stop solution from design to delivery.”
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Type One Energy
Новый раунд: $29M
“HOME | Type One Energy”
Venti Technologies
Новый раунд: $28.80M
“Venti Technologies”
Новый раунд: $28M
“Spiral is the Impact-as-a-Service™ platform that helps you improve community impact and customer engagement by easily embedding sustainability, social impact, ESG, and CSR into your business.”
Perplexity AI
Новый раунд: $25.60M
Ascendance Flight Technologies
Новый раунд: $22.77M
“Ascendance Flight Technologies - Sustainable flight solutions”
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