14 октября 2021 года

Reliable Robotics
Новый раунд: US$100M
“We believe aircraft should fly themselves.”
Culture Biosciences
Новый раунд: US$80M
“Culture Biosciences Home | Bioreactors in the Cloud”
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Zeus Living
Новый раунд: US$55M
“We're Zeus, the new, flexible way to rent. WiFi, utilities, furniture—we take care of it all, making it easy to live wherever, whenever.”
Новый раунд: US$45M
“Groove is a leading sales engagement platform that makes enterprise sales & revenue teams more efficient and effective. Request a demo today.”
Space Perspective
Новый раунд: US$40M
“Space Perspective is taking space travel to a new level. Discover a new way to travel to space.”
Abalos Therapeutics
Новый раунд: US$35.94M
“ABALOS THERAPEUTICS – Novel Anti-Cancer Aproach”
Новый раунд: US$25M
“Shopping Assistant to make your life easier saving you time and money. Build smart shopping lists and get notified once there is a coupon available or when the price is down.”
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