30 июня 2022 года

Snowplow Analytics
Новый раунд: $40M
“Snowplow gives teams complete flexibility and control over how behavioral data is collected, structured, processed, modeled and stored.”
Новый раунд: $36M
“Revenue Based Financing | Growth Capital for Digital Brands | GetVantage”
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REVIV3 Procare
Новый раунд: $32.32M
“REVIV3 is a revolutionary hair care regimen to improve scalp and follicle health to address the root of hair growth, regeneration, strength and volume. Reviv3 Procare Natural Hair Loss Products for Men And Women Plant Based and Clinically Tested.”
Новый раунд: $30M
“Rent a bike with Mottu, the best bike for delivery people! Maintenance, overhaul and protection from third parties. Plans from R$23,00 per day!”
Новый раунд: $30M
“Modular is the next-generation AI developer platform unifying the development and deployment of AI for the world.”
Retail Rocket
Новый раунд: $24M
“All you need to create customer retention strategy, boost LTV and repeat purchases. Segment your customers by their loyalty using sophisticated mathematical model. Transform first-time buyers into regular clients and increase their retention. Build personalized marketing strategies for key customer segments.”
Ria Health
Новый раунд: $20.34M
“Ria Health's at-home program uses technology, anti-craving medication & online coaching to help you reduce or quit drinking. Change your habits today.”
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