1 марта 2024 года

Новый раунд: $422.03K
Riimex Group
Новый раунд: $300K
“The Riimex Group will launch DATABASE - Impact and Importance of Data, its first branded research book published on 14/04 2023. Executive Edition £240. www.riimexgroup-database.com”
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Новый раунд: $157.91K
“A flexible debit card and app. Helping families living with dementia to safely manage their everyday spending.”

29 февраля 2024 года

Новый раунд: $200.61M
“ENVIRIA offers solar solutions especially for companies. We cover the entire process from financing to design, installation and operation of the system. Easy implementation, better ESG rating and cheap green power in no time.”
Ryne Biotechnology
Новый раунд: $82M
“Ryne Biotechnology”
Hellas Direct
Новый раунд: $32.53M
“Car, motorcycle and home insurance by Hellas Direct. Online, easy, fast and simple! Find the one that suits you, at the best price and without wasting time on comparisons.”
Orbis Medicines
Новый раунд: $28.19M
“Orbis Medicines”
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