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22 мая 2024 года

Nory AI
Новый раунд: $16M
“Transform your hospitality business with Nory's AI-driven OS. Elevate profitability, centralise operations, and empower your workforce.”
Fort Collins Brewery
Новый раунд: $15.50M
“Home - Fort Collins BreweryFort Collins Brewery”
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Bolster Inc.
Новый раунд: $14M
“Bolster AI Security platform protects against phishing and scam activity with domain monitoring & takedowns, social media and app store protection”
Новый раунд: $12.50M
“Save, send, speak with MAJORITY, the mobile banking app helping migrants get banked in the US, send money, and make international calls.”
Vaxess Technologies
Новый раунд: $12M
“Vaxess engineers novel technologies that uniquely engage the human immune system, enabling improved efficacy and simplified access for vaccines and therapeutics.”
Percipio Health
Новый раунд: $11.55M
“Every unique person deserves great care. We put AI in the hands of patients, perceiving more than ever before. We put AI in the hands of clinicians, elevating patient care by elevating those who deliver it. Care for more patients, discover unmet needs, and leave no patient behind - with Percipio Health.”
Новый раунд: $11M
“Unify disjointed applications— Reduce fragmented systems & bridge data silos by enabling your teams to develop complex applications, automate workflows and building data pipelines”
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