2 декабря 2021 года

Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies
Новый раунд: US$5.08M
“Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) is a Toronto-based VFX studio focusing on premium TV series. We deliver feature-film quality on TV timelines.”
Новый раунд: US$4.70M
“Qashier is an all-in-one smart point of sale (POS) terminal. Accept every type of payment and run your stores with just one terminal on the counter.”

1 декабря 2021 года

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Commonwealth Fusion
Новый раунд: US$1.80B
“The fastest path to clean, limitless fusion energy.”
Новый раунд: US$500M
Новый раунд: US$100M
“Proactive attack surface protection that prevents breaches. See your risks as attackers do. Know what to fix first. Remediate faster. Spend Less”
Новый раунд: US$92.06M
Curie Therapeutics
Новый раунд: US$75M
“Curie Therapeutics”
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