7 мая 2021 года

Новый раунд: US$130M
“AI Chatbot Software that exceeds customer expectations. Automated customer support platform built for humans. Easy to implement. Request a demo today!”
Fathom CC
Новый раунд: US$17.50M
“Fathom Companies is a multi-faceted, award-winning development, hospitality management, and equity investment company.”
Coin Operated Group
Новый раунд: US$15.10M
“Coin Operated Group”
Новый раунд: US$11M
Новый раунд: US$7.53M
“Independent Execution Analytics Provider”
Proud Source Water
Новый раунд: US$6.50M
Новый раунд: US$6.30M
“Finance college now, pay back only when you have a job”
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