1 марта 2024 года

Zhiji Auto
Новый раунд: $1.11B
“Tomomi L7 /Shinsekai驾控旗旗 Drive to the next.Product design: Four-wheel system, front 245mm/ rear 275mm “Staggered Wheels” mixed tire width, 490mm ultra-low center of gravity, WAE威廉大大底底底校校校校校校校校”
Fog Pharmaceuticals
Новый раунд: $145M
“FogPharma is a clinical-stage company pioneering a new class of drugs to address the limitations of today’s precision medicines and achieve universal druggability.”
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Новый раунд: $47.20M
Новый раунд: $10M
“CredAble is a FinTech focused on solving the Working Capital Financing challenges of Financial Institutions, Enterprise Ecosystems & SMEs through our 3 core verticals Trade, Credit & Payments.”
Новый раунд: $7M
“Maaya - Earn, Store & Trade”
Новый раунд: $1.50M
“Cue empowers you with WhatsApp Business solutions to boost customer satisfaction, and drive growth. Partner with the right customer service software provider.”
Новый раунд: $1M
“Home - Page”
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