21 сентября 2021 года

Eichiba Labs
Новый раунд: US$1.35M
“Home | Eichiba Inc.”

20 сентября 2021 года

Новый раунд: US$565M
“Stream data into your warehouse for advanced analytics. Fivetran was built to enable analysts to access their business data. Sign up today for a free trial.”
Новый раунд: US$200M
“Give your business the power to make fast, transparent and cost-effective international payments in multiple currencies. Sign up for a free account today.”
Новый раунд: US$100.00M
“World's most affordable and EASY to use email marketing platform. Save your time and try Sender FREE today! World wide service.”
Новый раунд: US$90M
“Manage your money the simple way with Monese. Open accounts in multiple currencies to spend abroad and transfer money for free between Monese accounts.”
USA Rare Earth
Новый раунд: US$51M
“With its development of the first rare earth and critical minerals processing facility in the US and ownership of the only permanent neo magnet manufacturing system in the Western Hemisphere, USA Rare Earth is poised to become the leading domestic supplier of critical materials for the green tech revolution.”
Syndio Solutions
Новый раунд: US$47.27M
“Pay Equity is Not a Fad. It’s a Commitment. Syndio is an HR analytics company that promotes fairness in every stage of employment, starting with equal pay.”
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