17 июня 2021 года

Новый раунд: US$2.18M
“Purchasely is the only In-App Subscription SaaS platform from build to interface, compliant with mobile, TV and Apps Stores guidelines.”
Liminal Health
Новый раунд: US$349.01K
“Coaching your people to better health Liminal Health connects people affected by chronic conditions to remote health coaches and personalised content, providing them with the support needed for better outcomes — both for them and for your business.  CONTACT US LEARN MORE Why Liminal health coaching? We help fill a gap in a person’s road […]”

16 июня 2021 года

Новый раунд: US$2.50B
“Waymo—formerly the Google self-driving car project—stands for a new way forward in mobility. Our mission is to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around.”
Новый раунд: US$226M
Новый раунд: US$200M
“Instant access to 2000+ browsers and real iOS and Android devices for cross browser testing. Ship apps and websites that work for everyone, every time. Get Free Trial.”
Новый раунд: US$200M
Новый раунд: US$100M
“Rapidly improve your delivery capacity, pickup services, and customer experience at scale with Bringg's data-led delivery & fulfillment cloud solution.”
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